Welcome to Raja Ampat

Welcome to Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat West Papua Underwater Photo Contest

Welcome to Raja Ampat, West Papua of Indonesia; The Centre of the Coral Triangle!

The Raja Ampat Underwater Photo Contest 2016/17 is initiated by the Chief of Indonesian National Police Office in West Papua Brigadier General Drs. Royke Lumowa, M.M. in conjunction with his passion for Scuba Diving and Natural Conservancy, supported by the West Papua Administrations, and Local Tourism Board as well as Dive Operators, Liveaboards, and Dive Resorts in the area of Raja Ampat.

Contest is currently focused on Wide Angle Category and Underwater Photos, while Macro and Land photos will also follow in the near future. Contest is FREE of Charge for submission, with a total prize worth of US$ 33.000

The Committee on behalf of Head of The Indonesian National Police Office in West Papua, and in Raja Ampat Region would like to welcome all participants to the R4 Raja Ampat Photo Contest. Thank you for your participation and may all the participant’s beautiful pictures would propel Raja Ampat’s underwater world brighter in the world’s map.