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Kapolda Papua Barat
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Brigjen. Pol. Drs. Royke Lumowa, M.M. is also the Chief of Indonesian National Police Office for West Papua Region of Indonesia

Co-Founder and Guardian

Drs. Martuani Sormin, M.Si Brigadier General is the current National Police Chief for the West Papua Region of Indonesia which oversees the Raja Ampat Regency in his line of authority.

Indonesian National Police Chief for Raja Ampat

AKBP Mario Christy Siregar is currently in charge of the Indonesian National Police Office for the Raja Ampat Regency.

Event Director

Mr Richard Maith is also the Chief of Indonesian National Police Office in Sorong City Capital of West Papua, and an enthusiasts Underwater Photographer

Yusdi Lamatenggo
Head of Raja Ampat Regency Tourism Office

Yusdi Lamatenggo, is the Director of Cultural and Tourism Department of the Raja Ampat Region Local Government. He dedicated his life to the development of tourism and conservancy of the beautiful area ever since he took the office.

Ronny Rengkung

Ronny is also one of Indonesia’s most respective Underwater Photographer, Dive Instructor, and Correspondents as well as Executive Officers to Ocean Geographic

Judge Panel

Imran Ahmad; is a NIKON Professional Photographer. He has diversified his portfolio to include commercial, editorial, portrait and underwater photographic assignments covering vast areas of Asia and other parts of the world. His work has been published in Nikon Focus magazine, EZDIVE Magazine, Scuba Diver Australasia Indonesia, Asian Diver, CEO Magazine, 938 Live book, amongst other leading media in Asia.

Judge Panel

Jason Isley; Co-Founder and Managing Director of Scubazoo. In 1995 Jason left his life working for a structural engineering company (as a draughtsman) in the UK to travel Southeast Asia and soon discovered scuba diving in Cairns, Australia. Having completed his PADI Divemaster he then trained as an underwater cameraman and towards the end of 1996 left Australia to join Simon Christopher in Sabah, Malaysia and help create Scubazoo.

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Mike Veitch; A professional underwater photographer and videographer who is currently based in Bali, Indonesia where he was also the co-founder of the Underwater Tribe, a small company that organizes and leads custom boutique dive adventure trips throughout Bali and Indonesia.  He is well known world wide as an award winning underwater photographer whose recent wins include the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year award for “World in Our Hands” in 2013.  One of the worlds most prolific underwater photography instructors and have taught hundreds of people how to successfully take fantastic underwater photographs.

Kay Burn Lim
Judge Panel

Kay Burn Lim; is a professional underwater photographer and videographer that has the distinction of placing or winning every shootout participated. He has also judged various dive photo competitions and currently shoots video full time for broadcast and stock footage.

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Alfonso Exposito; is Spanish and a respective Underwater Photographer. Engineer by profession and passionate about diving and photography,which allowed him to travel all over the world. Have alos participated in several International publications and won different prizes in photography competition Internationally.


Robert is an experienced Dive Master, Travel and Dive Resort Consultant


Fachry or Ayi is well known as professional event organizer as well as an adventurer, diver, and traveller.